Анна - Национальная ассоциация потребителей (Ереван)

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Анна - Национальная ассоциация потребителей (Ереван)
Руководитель: Melita Hakobyan President
Адрес: 23 David Anghaght Street, 3rd floor,Yerevan, 375039, Republic of Armenia
Телефон/Факс: (374 1) 24 92 04, Fax: (374 1) 24 92 04
Эл. почта: anna_can@infocom.am
Ссылки: http://yp.infocom.am/companies/eng/11.html

Ms. Christina Baghdasaryan - Vice-President

The Association was established on October 12th, 1995 and was registered by the board of the Ministry of Justice of RA on December 29th, 1995 by the decree N57/1-13. The Association has more than 7000 voluntary members, 4 regional frames, 14 branches almost in all regions and big towns. The Association comprises academics, professors, candidates, doctors, pedagogues, chemists, journalists, biologists and other specialists. There are 14 staff members in the Association.

The Main Mission

In every way to promote the adoption of laws protecting consumers' rights in free market, such as the law on "Consumers' Rights Protection"; To raise the awareness of consumers, especially women consumers, educate them to become civilized consumers, able to orient currently in commodity market, defend their rights as such; To fight for the health of the population and formation of the future healthy generation; Periodically to promote the consumers with information utilizing all media tools.

Accomplished Projects

The Union published the first informative analytic consultative magazine in the RA "Sparogh" (Consumer); Articles have been periodically published in the local newspapers to raise the awareness of consumers, especially women consumers and to highlight related issues; The best specialists of the Association have periodically highlighted different problems on TV and radio concerning important issues; Contracts and agreements have been signed with the state and public organizations as well as with those laboratories, which will be of use for the organizations to realize its goal of protecting consumers rights and raising the standards of produced and imported food and other products as close to the international standards as possible; Cooperation with "Consumers' Rights Protection Union" (Aqv) of Germany, Bonn; "Consumers International Association" of London, the member of which we are from 1998; "Consumers' Rights Protection Union" of Russia, and with the edition of magazine "Spros" (Demand); Cooperation with the Government, the national Assembly and the Municipality; Association has become member of the Caucasus Consumer Alliance since 1998; Association's representatives take part in different clear-sightedness of cash - registers in shops, markets and so on; The experts and lawyers of the Association made amendments in the bill of "Consumers Rights Protection" due to the notice of the Government. Now, the bill is in National Assembly and it passed the discussion stages; In April-November 1999 Association conducted campaign on "Consumers Rights Protection Draft" law in Yerevan and 3 branches; The President of the Association participated in the program "Civil Society Development", organized by USAID, in the USA.

Projects Future Projects

In Drakhtick village of Gegharkunik region (where refugees are) we wish to create a production of ecologically pure produce by the efforts of the Union and rural population, which will serve an example to implement similar projects in villages of other marzes; To restrain the market from ecologically non-pure produce and in order to raise the awareness of a landowner as a farmer to have lectures in a number of communities and to found consultative services; Within limits of possibilities to create our own independent laboratory; To establish Learning Center.http://www.hra.am/eng/?page=organization&id=5