Араратская Ассоциация (Франция)

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Араратская Ассоциация (Франция)
Araratian Association
Дата основания: 1849

The second big group of Armenian students left for France in 1848, and the third one - in 1856. Afterwards the students from Western Armenian continued to go to France for education. Armenian students mainly studied medicine: it is calculated, that 122 Armenians studied in medical faculties of France within the period from 1843 to 1914. It was this Western Armenian studentship that being in France during the hot days of French Revolution were privy to the new progressive ideas and became the mouthpiece of these ideas in Armenian reality. It were the representatives of these Armenian students which for the first time created their first organization named Araratian Association in 1849, the next year after the French Revolution. The aim of the organization was to "Support the progress of Armenia". The organizers of the Association were Hakob Krchikian, Grigor Aghaton, Nahapet Rusinian, Ninoghayos Zorayan, Nikoghayos Palian, Shirmanian (Tserents), Serobe Vichenian and others. Stepan Voskan also joint this group.