Армянская Общинная школа (Фресно)

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Армянская Общинная школа (Фресно)
Armenian Community School (Fresno)
Адрес: 1444 Wishon, Fresno, CA 93728
Телефон/Факс: (559) 233-1800 Fax: (559) 233-1899
Эл. почта: info@acsof.org

The Armenian Community School located in Fresno, California strives to provide for its students an environment in which healthy moral, ethical, and spiritual values can be instilled and nurtured. The students are exposed to a bi-lingual curriculum of the highest quality that will help them become model American citizens with an understanding and appreciation of their Armenian heritage.

The Armenian Community School endeavors to enhance the educational opportunities available to its students. To achieve this, students receive a great deal of individual attention. ACS teachers are always on the lookout for ways in which to cultivate the seeds of education, the love of learning, and Christian values all within an Armenian environment.

Approximately 105 children attend ACSF. The majority of children are American-Armenian, and other nationalities comprise rest of the student body. Students live in the greater Fresno metropolitan living area. While every child is special and unique there are a few threads of consistency from student to student.

First and foremost a child who attends ACSF is a child whose parents believe academic achievement is paramount. The parent's of ACSF know the value of a classroom with 20 students or less. Parent's who choose ACSF desire for their child to learn and grow in a safe, community environment.

Some children who have had difficulties in the public school system have flourished at ACSF. Children who have been over-achievers in the public school system are now challenged and excelling to their fullest potential.

Parent's who chose ACSF understand that academic achievement translates into opportunities and advancement as an adult. ACSF is the first step on your child's path to academic success and individual excellence.

Rosie Bedrosian - Principal rbedrosian@acsof.org

Melissa Benneyan - Second Grade Teacher mbenneyan@acsof.org

Jackie Chekerdemian - Kindergarten Teacher jchekerdemian@acsof.org

Maida Derkalousdian - First Grade Teacher mderkalousdian@acsof.org

Anahid Ohanyan - Pre-Kindergarten Aide aohanyan@acsof.org

Vicki Kalfayan - Kindergarten Aide vkalfayan@acsof.org

Vicky Kataroyan - Pre-Kindergarten Teacher vkataroyan@acsof.org

Andrea MacDonald - Third Grade Teacher amacdonald@acsof.org

Marineh Manoucharyan - Nursery Kindergarten Aide mmanoucharyan@acsof.org

Maral Markarian - Armenian Teacher mmarkarian@acsof.org

Shoghig Papoyan - Music Teacher spapoyan@acsof.org

Asadour Sislian - Computer Teacher asislian@acsof.org

Talin Tanossian - 4th Grade Teacher ttanosian@acsof.org

Maggie Topjian - Nursery Aide mtopjian@acsof.org

Zepure DerKalousdian - Armenian Teacher zderkalousdian@acsof.org

Linda Cox - 5th/6th Grade Teacher lcox@acsof.org

Maral Kasparian - Pre-Kindergarten Aide mkasparian@acsof.org

ACSF Administration and Staff

To view a picture of each and read about them, click on the name of the person below. Rosie Bedrosian, Principal Annette Agulian, Nursery, 3rd & 4th Grade Aide Melissa Benneyan, Second/Third Grade Teacher Jackie Chekerdemian, Kindergarten Teacher Maida Derkalousdian, First Grade Teacher Carlos Diaz, Spanish Teacher Margaret Gregory, Sec Vicki Kalfayan, Kindergarten Aide Vicky Kataroyan, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Andrea MacDonald, Teacher Marineh Manoucharyan, Nursery & Pre-Kindergarten Aide Maral Markarian, Armenian Teacher/Primary Shoghig Papoyan, Music Teacher Asadour Sislian, Computer Teacher Talin Tanossian, 3rd & 4th Grade Teacher Maggie Topjian, Pre-Kindergarten Aide Lucine Varjabedian, Armenian Teacher/Intermediate Sossy Wairdian, Secretary

Rosie Bedrosian-Interim Principal Education

B.A., California State University, Fresno, 1977

Major: Education, French

Minor: Art History, Armenian Studies


California Teaching Credential, Multiple Subject K-12

Rosie Bedrosian


Kappa Delta Phi, Honor Society in Education; Outstanding Young Women of America, 1997.

Professional & Administrative Experience

2001- Principal, Armenian Community School, Fresno

2000-2001 Vice Principal, Armenian Community School, Fresno

1996-2000 Administrative Assistant, Armenian Community School, Fresno

1978-1995 Teacher, Armenian Community School, Fresno Grades K, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7

1977-1978 Substitute Teacher, Fresno Unified School District

1974-1978 Internal Revenue Service

Community Service

Armenian Student's Organization, 1973

ASO President, 1973-1974

Board of Education, ACSF, 1992-1998

Secretary, 1993-1994

Vice President, 1994-1995

President, 1995-1996

Treasurer, 1996-1997

Member, Women's League, ACSF

Member, Parent-Teacher Club, ACSF