Дом-Музей С. Зоряна

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Дом-Музей С.Зоряна
Вид заведения: Дом-Музей
Ссылки: http://www.iatp.am/resource/artcult/szoryan/

История музея


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In the middel of 1960's St. Zoryan built a restore in the city where he was born, in Kirovakan, with and the citizens of this town baptized it as "the Armenian Fortress" / Mkrtich Sargissyan-writer /. The resort was designed by the writer's sons, architectures Levon and Karen Zoryans. It was built during 1962-64. St. Zoryan was living here since 1964 to 1967. In 1972 the Ministries Council of Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic made a decision to establish this resort as the home-museum of St. Zoryan. The resort was rebuilt as a home-museum in 1982-88. After the December's tragedy it was fortified. The opening ceremony took place in 1990, September 15th on the 100th anniversary of the writer. Three-store pink-stone built home-museum stands today in the middle of "Apple orchid", surrounded by evergreen firtrees and juniper trees, with multicolor roses.In front of the museum stands his bust / sculptor Marat Minasyan /. The home-museum has seven halls, two of which the office and the bed-room are memorials. It is about 200 square meters. The (affaires) labors which are done in the home-museum are as fallow: funding, scientific-exhibition, scientific-observational, scientific-methodological, scintific-enghting, and organizing. On behalf of periodic collective labor the funding gets enriched with 3000 fund specimens, each of them is scientifically observed. Based on before hand planed exhibiting the exhibition are modified and enriched. New exhibitions are organized, they show movies, the "Our Calendar" is refreshed. The home-museum's creative collective is observing the writer's compositional way (way of composition) in order to promote new topics, write lectures, litro-scientifical articales. Except topical excursions there are literal-fine art ceremonies, meeting, discussions and debates. In the home-museum there is a youth composers literal club called "Vernatoun" (The upper hall).