Специалисты энергосервисных компаний(Ереванский филиал)

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Специалисты энергосервисных компаний(Ереванский филиал)
Advanced Engineering Associates International (Yerevan)
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Дата основания: 2001
Адрес: ул.Прошяна 2,Ереван 375019, Республика Армения
Телефон/Факс: (374 1) 26 17 70, 22 19 69 Факс: (374 1) 27 54 91
Эл. почта: info@aeai.am
Ссылки: http://www.aeai.am

Advanced Engineering Associates International (Yerevan)Advanced Engineering Associates International Address: Phone: E-mail: URL:

Hovhannes Kantuni - Acting Chief of Party

Anna Kirakosyan - Public Outreach Coordinator

Phone: (374 1) 26 17 70, 22 19 69

E-mail: akirakosyan@aeai.am

Date of Establishment: May 2001

AEAI is a Boston-based consulting company specializing in international development work in the field of energy and environmental protection.

AEAI is implementing the USAID-funded Energy Efficiency, Demand-Side Management and Renewable Energy Resources program in Armenia. AEAI’s goals in the Program are a) to demonstrate the benefits of energy efficiency technologies for the Armenian economy and individual Armenians, and b) to explore the potential for expanding application of the country’s available renewable energy resources. These targets are especially important considering Armenia’s lack of indigenous fossil fuels, its economic dependence, and a continuously increasing debt burden to supplier countries. Therefore, identifying sustainable and cost-effective solutions to replace expensive electricity supply and meet the heating demand should be among country’s long-term priorities. To this end, Advanced Engineering is committed to promoting the local energy efficiency market by building demonstration projects in-country with the right technologies and by developing energy service companies (ESCOs).

AEAI is implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy pilot projects in municipal, residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial sectors of Armenia. Alongside with the technical pilot projects, AEAI is also undertaking activities to enhance public awareness of issues such as energy efficiency, energy conservation and energy security.

AEAI is managing the demonstration projects implemented by local ESCOs. While the major part is financed by USAID, local stakeholders ultimately benefiting from the projects share 15 - 40% of the project cost. Some of the demonstrations have social importance as they are built in medical institutions (“Armenia” and Nork-Marash Medical Centers in Yerevan, Polyclinic # 1 and Integrated Social Services Center in Vanadzor) and in educational institutions (Pushkin School # 8 in Yerevan). Technologies explored in the demonstration projects include efficient gas heating, HVAC (combined heating, ventilation & air-conditioning), weatherization, metering and controls, efficient lighting, biogas production, solar water heating and waste-to-energy using scrap wood.

The largest share of the project portfolio belongs to heating pilots built in various sites such as residential and municipal buildings, hospitals and the school. The second type of demonstration project involves renewable energy technologies, namely biogas production, installation of solar panels, and wood drying chambers that operate on wood wastes from the factories’ own production. Other type f activity includes electric redistribution projects, i.e. upgrading of transformers in electric substations to reduce stand-by losses.