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Состояние: Руинированные и несохранившиеся церкви


Type: Single nave basilica.

Location: Small village of Ernjatap.

Date: 1244

Evidence For Date: Inscriptions on the interior wall of its southern arm. Important Details: West facade of gawit has the most . ornamentation. Condition: Good, as far as the interior goes.

Reconstruction: Summary: Astuacenkal has the remains of a small fifth century basilican church, a small thirteenth century chapel adjacent to it on the west, and a large thirteenth century church and its gawit, which is adjacent to both on the north. The church is called Katotike and the monastery is called Astuacinkal. According to local tradition, the monastery was established by St. Gregory the illuminator. However there is no documented information of the founding date.

The Katotike is firmly dated to 1244 on the fact that there is an inscription on the introit wall of its southern arm. Katitike is in better condition, as far as the inside is concerned. The dome is missing, and many of the exterior elevation facing stones have fallen. This church is constructed of dressed blocks of tufa facing masonry rubble core. Katotike is rectangular on the exterior and cruciform on the interior with a semicircular apse on eastern end. In each of the four corners of the church there is a single chapel. The eastern chapels have two levels with steps leading to the second level from the north and south walls of the apse. The change from central square bay to the drum of the dome is made through the use of pendentives.

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