Фонд помощи армянам

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Фонд помощи армянам
Fund for Armenian Relief
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Вид заведения: частная добровольная организация
Дата основания: 1988
Руководитель: Президент - архиепископ Khajag Барсамян, председатель - Геворг С. Овнанян, исп. директор - Саймон Ю. Балян
Филиалы: Ереван, Гюмри, Степанакерт
Адрес: Вторая авеню, 630, Нью-Йорк, 10016, США
Телефон/Факс: +1 (212) 889-5150; Факс: +1 (212) 889-4849
Эл. почта: far@farusa.org
Ссылки: http://www.farusa.org


The Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) was founded after the devastating earthquake, which stuck Northern Armenia in December 1998. As the humanitarian aim of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America, it was originally known as the Diocese Fund for Armenian Relief (DFAR). In March 1993, FAR was formally reorganized into a Private Voluntary Organization. It is headquartered in New York City (Президент - архиепископ Khajag Барсамян, председатель - Геворг С. Овнанян, исполнительный директор Саймон Ю. Балян). FAR has branch offices in Yerevan and representation in Gyumri.

Since its inception FAR has implemented projects valued at more than 180 mln. USD, while keeping its management, fundraising and other expenses at less than two percent of the value of its operation.

Цели FAR настоящего времени:

  • Предоставление краткосрочной чрезвычайной помощи тем, кто в ней нуждается;
  • Реализация проектов и программ, которые будут иметь долгосрочное позитивное влияние на экономическое развитие страны.

Гуманитарные программы

FAR is continuing support to its 13 soup kitchens in Yerevan, Gyumri, Ashtarak, Nor Hajn, yeghegnadzor, Goris, Kapan and Meghri, which serve one hot meal daily to 1600 elderly and financially needy people. FAR is sponsoring hundreds of freedom fighters’ orphans to attend Camp Siranush in Yeghegnadzor and the eathqauke orphans of Shirak Province to attend a camp village of Kaps.

Медицинские проекты

The National Scientific Medical Research Library, which FAR continuously supports with subscription to numerous medical journals, books, videotapes and CDs, is one of the best in the system of the Ministry of Health of Armenia. "Medical English" courses offered by FAR in the library are also successful.


FAR has renovated and reconstructed Public School No 21 of Gyumri and started to reconstruct school No 8 in Vanadzor, One of the most important events of 2000 was the building of the Children's Center in Zeytoon. The whole building rebuilt and re-furnished. The Center provides help to homeless, runaway or abused children. The Center can provide care to 30 children. Usually this children wait a month for proper placement.

Образовательные проекты

The Mathevosian Scholarship program is already 4 years old. 40 students are receiving scholarship and are studying free of charge in local colleges. This is an opportunity for financially unstable students to continue receiving education in economy, law and journalism. It is very important to continue the educational programs of elder orphans, who have graduated from the orphanage and would like to continue their education.

Under the auspices of FAR the ANSEF was organized to stop the brain drain of scientists. The special committee has already received 80 scientific research projects from scientists to review and award grants to the best.

In cultural activities FAR is continuing to support the "Paros" choir of disabled youngsters and the "Datev" children choir.


Офис в Нью-Йорке

  • Адрес: Вторая авеню, 630, Нью-Йорк, 10016, США
  • Тел.: +1 (212) 889-5150
  • Факс: +1 (212) 889-4849
  • Эл. почта: far@farusa.org

Офис в Ереване

  • Адрес: ул. Хоренаци, 22, Ереван, 375010, Армения
  • Тел.: +374 (10) 52-66-60
  • Факс: +374 (10) 58-98-17

Офис в Гюмри

  • Адрес: улица Абовяна, 236, Гюмри, 377504, Армения
  • Тел.: +374 (312) 2-40-61
  • Факс: +374 (312) 3-68-11

Офис в Степанакерте

  • Адрес: улица Мирзоян, 1, Степанакерт, Нагорный Карабах
  • Тел.: +374 (71) 4-68-26
  • Руководители:
    • Г-н Крикор Татулян, директор
    • Г-н Левон Лачилкян, пресс-секретарь