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About Genocide1915.info

The core organization for the advancment, education and affirmation of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 came into existance in April of 2000. In its infancy, it was merely trying to educate as many people as it could about the Armenian Genocide. Genocide1915.info, the fourth generation of the website was established in April of 2003 and through a series of ideas, pitfalls, successes and heartaches is what you see today.

Our website has been hacked multiple times by people who do not care for our passion for sharing this injustice with the rest of the world. We have survived for many years and plan on being here for many more until the international affirmation and Turkey's admission of its crimes during WWI.

It is imperative that we understand the Armenian Genocide and realize its ramifications across the world. It is interestingly uncanny how Hitler cited the Armenian Genocide and its insignificance in the minds of the people of the world, right before he proceeded to carry out the Jewish Holocaust. History can teach us many lessons. Perhaps if the Armenian Genocide had been understood and if Turkey had been held accountable for its actions shortly after WWI, the Jewish Holocaust may have never taken place.

Our goal is to inform, educate and demand the affirmation of the Armenian Genocide.