Армянская школа святого Стефана (Уотертаун)

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Армянская школа святого Стефана (Уотертаун)
St. Stephen's Armenian School (Watertown)
Адрес: Пр.Никола 47 Уотертаун, MA 02472
Телефон/Факс: (617) 926-6979
Ссылки: http://www.ssaes.org/ http://www.adobe.com

St. Stephen's Armenian Elementary School

"St. Stephen's Armenian Elementary School is a Child Centered American-Armenian Institution Committed to Excellence"

S t. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School is a private elementary school dedicated to educational excellence in an environment rich in Armenian Culture. Since it was established in 1984, the school has distinguished itself with its Armenian character, academic strength, devoted staff and low student-to-teacher ratio. The school is accredited by the Association of Independent Schools in New England, and its students have achieved top scores in the Comprehensive Tests of Basic Skills.

Located in the Armenian Cultural and Educational Center, the school has a strong connection with the community in Watertown and surrounding towns. St. Stephen’s has grown steadily by combining a strong American educational curriculum with Armenian language, religion and history - all within a positive learning environment.

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St. Stephen's Saturday School started the 2006-2007 academic year on Saturday, September 9, 2006 with 145 students enrolled. Classes range from Nursery to the Twelvth grade. The curriculum consists of Armenian language, history, and literature as well as songs and dances. The students learn their forefathers' language, history, culture and traditions through newly published textbooks and workbooks. Once again this year we have a special class for students who need individual help in learning the Armenian language, and offer a conversational

St. Stephen's Sunday School

Over the last few years, the St. Stephen's Sunday School has really evolved into a fun-filled school where the children enjoy learning about God, Christianity, our Armenian heritage, culture and language. The number of students has steadily increased, and without the dedication of the parents council and other parental volunteers, there would not be such a diverse amount of activities that the children would be able to participate.

Below you will find links to various Sunday School activities and information. Please see the "Photos" link on the main page to see pictures of the latest Sunday School functions.

Sunday School Parent’s Council:

Sosie Megerdichian, President 508-261-1685 megerdich@msn.com

Steve Kechejian, Vice-President 781-648-3394 fourhyekids@aol.com

Lori Krikorian, Secretary 508-339-2082 lkrikorian35@earthlink.net

Nancy Perez-Doulbakian, Treasurer 781-395-9161 nperezgolfing@hotmail.com

Sunday School Administration:

Audrey Guzelian, Principal 617-731-6051 audrey.vartkes@verizon.net

John Aftandilian, Vice-Principal 617-484-4188 jaa@concins.com


St.Stephen's Church publicizes a quarterly bulletin called "JRAK" (Jur-ak), which is mailed to parishioners. Click on a link below to see the bulletin specified. You will need Adobe Reader to open the bulletin. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download the latest version free of charge from