Достижения молодых (Ассоциация)

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Достижения молодых (Ассоциация)
Youth For Achievements (Association)
Адрес: Ул.Ханджяна 13/2 Ереван,Армения 0010
Телефон/Факс: (374 1) 52-87-48, 52-87-51
Эл. почта: yfa@yfa.am
Ссылки: http://www.interactivehr.am/; http://www.yfa.am http://www.yfa.am/en/?pg=About%20us&section=Who%20We%20Are

Youth For Achievements (Association)

About "Youth For Achievements" Association

"Youth For Achievements" Association (YFA) is a self-governed, non-governmental educational organization. It was originated and is managed by the Future Leaders' Exchange Program alumni of Armenia, an exchange program between the United States and CIS countries. The Association was formed in 1994 by a group of young enthusiastic people, aspired to dedicate their efforts towards development of Armenia.

Today, people behind the wheel of the Association are professionals in different areas. They all bring multidiscipline knowledge and skills into daily management of the organization and its projects.

Throughout 10 years YFA has taken up a number of educational, cultural and benevolent projects and activities, aimed at fostering values of democracy, humanism and global citizenship.

YFA has invested continuous efforts into the promotion of Human Rights in Armenia. The Association has been actively engaged in promotion of women's rights as well as rights of intellectually disabled people in Armenia by implementing a Public Awareness Campaigns.

The idea of the "Interactive Human Rights" Project emerged from the belief that Human Rights promotion is one of the core prerequisites of democracy. Despite tremendous efforts invested in the field of awareness raising in Human Rights area by other organizations, there still exists the need for continuous work in provoking practical application Human Rights.

For additional information about the organization and its projects please visit YFA Official website at www.yfa.am.

Who We Are

"Youth For Achievements" Association (YFA) was formed and is managed by the FREEDOM Support Act Future Leaders Exchange Program Alumni of Armenia. The organization was founded in 1994 and is officially registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia.

YFA is an Educational Non-Governmental Organization with a mission to promote ideas of democracy, freedom and humanism. Presently the Association unites many members from different regions of Armenia.


Since the very first day of its establishment YFA has followed the principles of cooperation, free will, democracy and humanism. For the purpose of promoting the values of democracy, freedom and peace in Armenia the Association has identifies the following major goals and objectives:

Fostering democracy by broadening and improving understanding of peace, democratic values and culture; Providing educational, cultural, scientific and informational exchanges between young people of Armenia and other countries; Participating in humanitarian, rehabilitation and development projects organized by international organizations in Armenia; Providing professional assistance to international organizations in Armenia; Conducting activities and projects based on principles of community service and volunteerism; Uniting participants of FLEX program in Armenia and contributing to alumni movement in Armenia and CIS countries.