Балассанян Эдвард

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Балассанян Эдвард
Balassanian Edward
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На английском: Balassanian Edward


Founders Edward Balassanian


Architect, Urban Designer, City and Regional Planner 80 Hanrapetutiun Street, Ste. 20 Yerevan, republic of Armenia Tel: +374 (10) 56.17.99, Fax: 56.73.28, Cel: +374 (91) 40.56.72 e-mail: edbal@accea.info Updated January 10, 2003


Development research and planning. Corporate management and business administration. Planning, programming and project management. Comprehensive professional experience covering all phases of architectural, urban design, and planning projects: inception, promotion, design, implementation, and supervision.


University of Pennsylvania: Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning 1975 Master of City Planning 1968 University of Teheran: Master of Architecture 1963

EXPERIENCE August 1992 – Present ARMENIAN CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY EXPERIMENTAL ART CO-FOUNDER AND VOLUNTEER CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Together with his wife New York artist and poet Sonia Balassanian founded the ACCEA, to help promote and internationally introduce Armenian modern art, on volunteer basis.



In charge of management of construction and pre-construction cultural activities of a world-class museum of modern art, in Yerevan, by donation of National Benefactor Gerard L. Cafesjian in partnership with the Governmrnt of Republic of Armenia. The estimated cost of the construction is 25 million US Dollars.

Sep. 1998 Mar. 2002 HOLY MOTHER SEE OF EDJMIADZIN PROJECT AND CONSTRUCTON MANAGER OF ST. GREGORY THE ILLUMINATOR CATHEDRAL OF YEREVAN In the capacity of Authorized Representative of Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, called upon to organize completion of the largest Armenian Cathedral in the world, on time for the celebration of 1700th anniversary of Armenia officially accepting Christianity in 301 AD. Project cost is estimated at $16,000,000. The consecration took place on September 23, 2001.

July 1998- Present RESAERC AND PLANNING CORP. / E. Balassanian and Associates Architectural and Planning Consultants and Construction Managers, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia. PRINCIPAL Architectural and planning consultancy, project management and evaluation, conflict resolution, government relations, etc.

Jan. 1997-May 1998 DIOCESE OF THE ARMENIAN CHURCH (Eastern United States) Headquarters of 43 parishes and mission parishes of the Armenian Apostolic Church in the Eastern United States. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR/ADMINISTRATOR Reported to the Primate. Duties included planning, programming, budgeting, implementation, and performance monitoring of all departments and programs, attending all administrative matters, and organizing public relations, development and fund-raising campaigns.

Nov. 1995-Dec. 1996 ARMENIA FUND U.S.A., INC. National Committee of the Eastern United States of America of “Hayastan” All-Armenian Fund. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Duties included management of the headquarters in New York, public relations, devising and implementing fund-raising campaigns, solicitation of large-scale contributions, management of contribution records and follow-up, etc.

Dec. 1992-Oct. 1995 "HAYASTAN" ALL-ARMENIAN FUND An International fund-raising organization created for the purpose of collecting voluntary donations in the form of “National Giving” from Armenians around the world, and using them for implementing development and humanitarian projects in Armenia and Artsakh (Mountainous Karabagh).


DEPUTY EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR HEAD OF THE CONSTRUCTION DEPARTMENT Duties: Creation and implementation of management structure of the Executive Board, and founding and direction of the Construction Department of the Fund based on "Western" practices and procedures of the construction trade.

1992 THE ARMENIAN ASSEMBLY OF AMERICA A national non-profit organization in the United States, which promotes public understanding and awareness of Armenian issues. CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS In Charge of planning and directing activities of the organization, in Washington, and Yerevan, capital of Armenia, and coordinating these activities with various Armenian and non-Armenian governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations.

1990-1991 H.L.W. INTERNATIONAL Architecture, Engineering, Planning Consultants, New York, U.S.A. SENIOR PLANNING CONSULTANT Specifically invited to join HLW International for conducting pre-feasibility study for "The CITY: Center for International Trade in Yerevan", a major undertaking in the Republic of Armenia, of the former USSR, for creation of an adequate environment in Yerevan, capital of the republic, amenable for international business and trade.

1983-Present United Nations Center for Human Settlements (HABITAT) On the Roster of International Experts in Architecture, Housing and Urban Design Projects included: • Preparation of the United Nations' Secretary General's Report to the General Assembly on the living conditions of Palestinian people, for three consecutive General Assemblies in the eighties • Preparation of summary reports for the International Year of Shelter for the Homeless, of urban projects financed by the World Bank.

1980-1998 Practicing architect in New York.

1970-1980 RESEARCH AND PLANNING CORPORATION Urban and Regional Planners, Architects and Engineers, Teheran, Iran. PRESIDENT AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: • Founded and managed this consulting firm, which grew to a staff of 70 professionals. Over this period the firm completed 8 comprehensive master plans for Iranian cities (10,000 to 500,000 in size), and more than 100 construction projects ranging from small public structures to a housing development of 3,500 units, as well as more than $1.5 million worth of annual consulting and research assignments. • During this period also served as special adviser to the Minister of Housing and Urban Development of Iran on planning, development, and construction issues.


1969-1970 ADIBI-HARRIS ASSOCIATES An American-Iranian Joint Venture, Teheran, Iran. SENIOR PLANNER Responsible for planning section of the Master Plan of Iranian Ports. Designed scientific model for the flow of foreign trade cargo, and coordinated its computer simulation. The objective was optimization of Iranian ports and intercity transportation facilities, based on cost/benefit analysis of capital investment vis-a-vis total transportation cost to the national economy.

1967-1969 Part time researcher and designer in various U.S. consulting and research agencies. Projects included: • Comprehensive master plans for several counties in West Virginia • University of Pennsylvania Student Housing Complex • Minicar Mass Transit System.

1963-1965 ADIBI-HARRIS ASSOCIATES An American-Iranian Joint Venture, Teheran, Iran. CHIEF ARCHITECT Headed a department of three architects and seven draftspersons. Projects included varying size housing, industrial, and administrative projects, and comprehensive master plans of Iranian ports of Bandar Abbas, Bandar Lengeh, and city of Ahwaz.


1. Architecture in Relation with Climatic conditions: Housing for the Public Employees in Iran, 800 pages, 4 volumes, Research and Planning Corporation, Teheran, Iran, 1977.

2. "Mass Media and Rural-Urban Transition", Environmental Studies, No. 2, 1973, Center for Environmental Coordination, University of Teheran.

3. Planning Social Leadership: A Conceptual Study on Le Corbusier. Doctoral dissertation in city planning, presented to the faculty of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of the University of Pennsylvania, 1975.

4. Total of eleven technical and research papers published in conjunction with projects produced at the Research and Planning Corporation.


Born August 31, 1936, Gorgan, Iran. Married, one child. Religion: Christian, Armenian Apostolic Church. Citizenship: United States of America. Permanent Residence: Republic of Armenia