«Ворлд Вижн/Армения» Международная Программа Развития и Благотворения

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«Ворлд Вижн/Армения» Международная Программа Развития и Благотворения
WV (World Vision International Armenian Division. Yerevan)
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Дата основания: 1997
Руководитель: Mr. David Thomson National Director
Адрес: 1 R.Melikyan Street, Malatia-Sebastia,Yerevan, 375065, Republic of Armenia
Телефон/Факс: (374 1) 77 71 18, 77 71 19, 54 43 47, Fax: (3741) 54 43 48
Эл. почта: worldvision@wvarmenia.am
Ссылки: http://www.wvarmenia.am http://www.spyur.am/rus/2230.htm

Mr. David Thomson National Director

Mr. Julian Srodecki Operations Director

World Vision International is a Christian Relief and Development organization working for the well being of all people, especially children. Through emergency relief, education, health care, economic development and promotion of justice, World Vision helps impoverished communities help themselves. In 2002 World Vision raised $1,032 billion in cash and goods from private and public donors for programs in 96 countries. Through these programs, approximately 18,000 World Vision staff members assisted some 85 million people.

World Vision came to Armenia fourteen years ago providing emergency relief to the victims of December 1988 devastating earthquake with a check for $1 million dollars and over the next few months delivered nearly $3 million in medical supplies and relief. During the next fourteen years WV's projects have gone beyond meeting the demands of crisis situations to changing the quality of life in entire communities and helping Armenians to restore their country.

Emergency Relief 240,000 families assisted with relief food packages in Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia; 300,000 refugees, unemployed and elderly people benefited from a $3.7 million Relief Food Program; 500 temporarily shelters rehabilitated and weatherized in the earthquake zone in Gyumri; 163,000 needy people benefited from GIK distributions ( clothing, shoes, medical and school supplies).

Transformational Development $2.5 million in capital provided to small and micro enterprises in Yerevan and to agricultural credit groups in Syunic Marz (South Armenia); 15,000 entrepreneurs benefited from business skills training.

Civil Society Development 15 village Community Action Groups and 3 Urban local NGOs empowered to strategically plan for their development; 19 Mini projects initiated by the communities have improved water supplies, renovated schools, and provided additional training in proposal development, donor relations, and health issues.

Children with special needs inclusive education curriculum developed for children with special needs to attend mainstream pre-schools and study together with typically developed peers; 300 schools and kindergartens provided with construction materials in Syunic, Shirak Marzes and greater Yerevan area; over 1,700 children benefited from improved facilities in Yerevan and Syunic Marz kindergartens; over 1,000 disabled, orphaned and poor children participated in celebrations in Yerevan, Gyumri and Syunic Marz

Health initiatives (from October 2002) Nutrition assessments, awareness campaigns, and feeding projects for over 3000 children planned for Gyumri; HIV/AIDS assessment, awareness and prevention projects planned for Syunic Marz.

Area Development Program Currently 1500 children sponsored in Gyumri ADP, a 10-15 year multi-sectoral development program with sustainable funding from WVUS. 4000 children to be sponsored by 2005; From October 2002, a new ADP is being developed in Tavush Marz that will have 3500 Sponsored children, through WVUS by 2007; From October 2002, ADP will be established in Syunic Marz with WVUK sponsoring 3500 children by 2007.

World Vision International Armenian Branch - Christian relief and development organization. Offers country overview, information on projects by region and latest news.

No 2230 Год основ.: 1997 Дни работы: +++++oo Часы работы: 09.00-17.30 Обновлено: 13/03/2007

Марк Келли , директор

0065, Ереван, ул. Романос Меликян 1 (около церкви) (374-10)749118, 749119, 749146 Факс: (374-10)749148 E-mail: деловое сообщение свободное сообщение

URL: http://www.wvarmenia.am http://www.spyur.am/wvarm.htm


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