Альфа плюс консалтинг

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Альфа плюс консалтинг
Alpha Plus Consulting
Ссылки: http://www.alphaplusconsulting.com/

Brief Information

“Alpha Plus Consulting” is an Armenia-based organisation established in 1999 to provide development consulting as well as research and development services to both corporate clients and international organizations. Our track record comprises working with more than 50 corporate clients as well as such international institutions as the World Bank, MIGA, EBRD, IFAD, UNDP, USAID, KfW, UMCOR, Oxfam, EU and EC projects, and others in numerous areas of development consulting and economic research. At present, we have seven professional consultants working for us, which had accumulated experience of working with/for private sector firms, international organizations in providing economic and business consultancy before joining us strengthened significantly during their work for us. In Armenia, our strategy is to become the leading consultancy with the strong combination of foreign expertise and local professional staff with understanding of realities of the Armenian economic and business environment.