Институт Искусств “Нарегаци”

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Институт Искусств “Нарегаци”

История музея


The Naregatsi Art Institute, incorporated in 2002, is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving Armenia's existing cultural heritage through supporting Armenian contemporary artists and creating a forum in which the spirit of art and the common voice can resonate freely.

  By nurturing the expression of human creativity and documenting artistic accomplishments, Naregatsi Art Institute seeks to enrich the understanding and the exposure of Armenian art today, the ancestry from which this art has stemmed, and the future which creativity, social consciousness, and collaborative energy will lead to.
  Naregatsi Art Institute (NAI) is dedicated to serving the spirit of art, and in so doing sets forth objectives and goals based upon nobility and benevolence found at the heart of the artistic aim. 
  The 11th century poet and thinker Krikor Naregatsi, whose sense of spiritual purity serves as a source of guidance, inspires our approach. By supporting and nurturing contemporary Armenian artists we seek to preserve and strengthen our sacred culture, which has the potential to exist as vividly in the present as it did in historic dimensions.
  We believe that the voice of art is one that surmounts spatial and time based definitions, and it is through the resonance of this voice that we seek to pay tribute to our cultural past, while making head way into the future.


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