Музей "Киликия"

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Музей "Киликия"
Cilicia (museum)
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"Cilicia" Museum

Construction of "Cilicia" Museum started in 1993 and was completed in 1997.

The museum was officially inaugurated in March 1998, under the auspices of His Holiness Aram I and the President of the Republic of Lebanon.

Most of the religious treasures displayed in the museum were brought to Antelias under difficult circumstances after the 1915 Armenian Genocide, when the Catholicosate was forced to leave its original See in Sis, Cilicia.

The first floor contains relics and reliquaries, crosses, chalices, embroideries, liturgical vestments and stone crosses. In the same hall two important manuscripts, known as Gospel of Barzerberd (1248 A.D.) and the Book of the Ordination of Sis (XIV Century), are displayed.

The second floor is reserved for manuscripts, rare books, encyclicals and numismatic collections. Among the old books one can find books printed in 1512 and 1513, in Venice (Italy), and also the first printed Armenian Holy Bible (1666, Amsterdam, Holland) of Vosgan Vartabed Yerevantzee.

In the second hall of the same floor, archaeological collections, as old as the Urartian Kingdom, carpets and tapestry are displayed. These items reflect the ancient and rich civilization of Armenia.

On the third floor important collections of contemporary (XIX-XX Centuries) Armenian painters and sculptors are exhibited.

On the ground level a multi-purpose hall hosts various cultural activities.

The "Cilicia" Museum is called not only to preserve the Armenian cultural and spiritual heritage, but also to display it to the wider public.