Armenian International Women's Association (USA)

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Армянская Международная Женская Ассоциация (США)
Armenian International Women's Association (USA)
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Адрес: 65 Main Street, # 3A Watertown, MA 02472
Телефон/Факс: (514)337-0831
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Armenian International Women's Association USA

Armenianne Istambool Societe 2855 Victor Dore H3M 1T1 Turkey About AIWA

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Armenian International Women's Association (AIWA)


Telephone: (617) 926-0171


Our offices are located at the Armenian Library and Museum of America, 65 Main St., Room 3A Watertown, Massachusetts (USA)

Background The Armenian International Women's Association was founded in Boston in 1990 by women convinced of the need for a new Armenian organization made up of women, governed by women, and focused on the interests and needs of women. We seek to unite creative women of three generations, diverse in interests and academic backgrounds, to build an organization without alignment to any political or religious group. (See also, Goals)

Membership: 350

Goals of the Armenian International Women's Association

To establish contacts with women's organizations, both Armenian and non-Armenian, in the United States, in Armenia, and around the world. To provide a forum for dialogue and discussion on issues of interest to Armenian women in the fields of education, social welfare, culture, and business. To gather information about the changing role of women in the world, to monitor the activities of Armenian women, and to establish an Armenian women's archive. To increase the visibility of Armenian women and to promote their equal role in the community. To develop a liaison with world news agencies to provide accurate information in the media on Armenia and Armenians. To sponsor programs and issue publications to further these purposes.Armenian International Women's Association (AIWA)